In 1999, Futuresonic and onedotzero joined forces to present a series of experiments in the convergence of media, sound and image. A series of installations, and accompanying discussions and events, added new dimensions to the digital sound and moving image conceived during the festival, Minimal Data experimented with 3D soundscapes in a new collaboration between DJ Cristian Vogel and soundscape scientists Extractor.

Senseonic combined the ‘heavy gravity’ of beats with the unique effects of 3D sound, using an ambisonic system to move sonic shapes around people’s heads, combining with the rhythm to tug at their limbs and unsettle their sense of gravity. Taking moving image beyond the 2D screen, the project used changing surfaces to create a multisensory, multidimensional experience.

At the core of this collaboration was a system developed after many years of research by Extractor, who together with the other artists demonstrated how they sought to plug the void between music and sound art, clubs and installations with a multi-channel diffusion system which scatters sonic debris above, below, around and about.

Minimal Data was produced by Futuresonic and onedotzero.