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This publication presents an introductory guide to hack events for people working in the cultural sector. It examines some of the main types of hacks, what the benefits are for individuals and organisations taking part, the different approaches to engaging various communities and how to create the right environment. It details some of the essential ingredients that are required for success, and explains the rationale for common approaches.

As a method, hack events have emerged from the digital sector, and for many in the arts they remain an unfamiliar way of working. Ultimately, this publication aims to make hack events more accessible and to enable more people to benefit from what they have to offer.

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The publication was written and researched by Joeli Brearley (Project Manager, FutureEverything and Director, CultureCode) and is published by FutureEverything. It was commissioned by British Council Creative Economy.

Publisher: FutureEverything, 2014

Interviewed for this publication: Rohan Gunatillake (Director, Sync); Tom Higham (Executive Director, FutureEverything); Stef Lewandowski (Founder,; Rachel Coldicutt (Co-Director, Caper); John Coburn (Digital Co-ordinator, Tyne and Wear Museums & Archives); Clare Reddington (Creative Director, Watershed); Mia Ridge (Cultural Heritage Technologist); Joe Scarborough (Co-founder, 3 Beards); Syd Lawrence (Co-Founder, We Make Awesome); Fiona Moorhead (Communications Manager, Crafts Council)

Other contributors include: James Rutherford (developer); Charles Armstrong (Hack the Barbican); Mark Simpkins (artist, activist and hacker); Ricardo Davila-Otoya (Hack the Barbican) and Conann Fitzpatrick (Culture Tech).

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