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Call for Proposals: ArtsAPI Artist Commission (Revised)

Arts organisations generate more than the output of their public programmes. They are often nurturers of people, and of communities. Some arts organisations, such as those working on the boundaries of the sciences, or immersed in technical innovation, bridge between dissimilar people, professions, sectors, and societies. For a few, this is now central, not peripheral, to how they and others see them and what they do. These arts organisations have become new kinds of intermediaries and brokers, generating connectivity and interfaces between creatives, communities, companies and cities.

The inspiration behind ArtsAPI is the hypothesis that many arts organisations can generate, but can not effectively articulate or evidence, significant value through the relationships they create and sustain.

The Artwork
We are looking to commission an artwork which will explore the themes of networks, relationships, intermediaries and their impact, in the context of arts organisations. We are open to any creative interpretation of the project, the data, research and resources available.

We are not only seeking proposals from data visualisers. We are seeking submissions from all types of artists and art forms. Collaborative approaches are strongly encouraged.

Materials and Resources
It is at the discretion of the chosen artist which materials and resources they utilise for the development of the artwork. They will be given access to the prototype ArtsAPI tool and the data derived from the Social Network Analysis process that has so far been completed with 5 leading arts organisations – Culture24, Red Eye, Blast Theory, Forma and FutureEverything.

The resources at the disposal of the artist will include:

  • A prototype ontology – showing the main entities of interest and the relationships between them
  • An RDF database of all data gathered
  • A user interface for running queries against the data gathered from the initial 5 arts organisations. The data includes: email data, twitter archive data, financial data, calendar data, events and ticketing data.
  • Various visualisations which offer insight into the networks the arts organisations create and sustain. These will include visualisations that have been generated by the software Cyram Netminer 4 (SNA software) as well as the visualisations generated by ArtsAPI in response to the data.

Indicative budget: £10,000, including relevant VAT
Costs must include installation at 3 roadshows and FutureEverything 2016.
Costs do not need to include travel, accommodation and marketing.

Submissions should be sent to no later than 21st January 2015.

Download Full Brief (Revised)