You may have read about FutureEverything’s role in CityVerve and how we’re running community forums to help shape the future of Manchester as a Smart City. You can read all about what we’ve done so far here, and this blog is to announce what we’ll be doing next and how you can get involved.

Continuing to work with Contact Theatre

A huge part of FutureEverything’s role in CityVerve has been to introduce art into the project through our Open Prototyping methodology, which has facilitated the implementation of every thing every time in the city. (Check out this overview about what happened!)

Extending artwork into the Smart City arena is something close to FutureEverything’s heart and we’re taking things a step further, by continuing to work with Contact Theatre to use artistic techniques to engage with communities that aren’t often involved in these kinds of initiatives in Manchester.

Contact Theatre’s Creative Experts (starring in our video above!) are taking the lead on designing and facilitating community forums around the Oxford Road corridor, to creatively speak to communities about what they think, feel and have to say about CityVerve, its technology and the Community KPI’s that were defined at the beginning of the project. The aim of doing so, is to give communities in Manchester a chance to continue to shape the project, understand more about how Manchester is becoming a Smart City and speak to those who might not have been involved in the project thus far.

Exploring CityVerve themes with Manchester communities

The Creative Experts, aptly named Community Champions in CityVerve, will be taking on the role of exploring CityVerve themes along The Corridor. These are focussed around, Health and Social Care, Transport and Mobility and Energy and Environment and might feature any newly developed technology in CityVerve as well!

Plus, the Community Champions will also be exploring larger Smart City themes, such as data and privacy, accessibility and so many more. Within the context of these themes, Community Champions will be evaluating the role of the Community KPIs in the project and how they can be measured by communities.

What you can look forward to

We’ve got the first few Community Forums lined up, with the first taking place on August 18th, so get the date in your diaries now (more details TBC).

Needless to say, Manchester is home of the industrial revolution, and as such is the home of acid rain and the city is still purging itself of the negative effects of air pollution that the industrial revolution had.

So, Erin is looking to run a workshop with parents and their children to see what they think about Air Quality in the city and what CityVerve is going to do to help. On Friday 18th August, Erin will be taking participants on a journey to understand how they see Manchester as a living beast, looking at Air Quality in the city and how CityVerve might transform the way we think of the Air in Manchester.

Plus, we have workshops lined up exploring what health and fitness looks like in the city, immersive experiences that seek to respond to social isolation as well as adventures across the city to discover new public transport routes in a fun collaborative way.

Other stuff

FutureEverything are continuing to work closely with CityVerve consortium partners, to understand how their technology can be properly integrated into Manchester. We’re supporting CityVerve with targeted user research for consortium partners and will be calling on relevant audiences to see what they have to say, think and feel about technology that will be put in place as part of the project.

How to get involved

Keep an eye out on our website and around the city for upcoming events. We’ll be announcing Community Forums online and offline and want to encourage people to get involved. We’re also looking for community collaborators for venues and participants, if you’d like your community to have a voice in CityVerve – let us know!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can take part in attending Community Forums or testing technology, please get in touch by emailing .