Naho Matsuda has been commissioned by Great Exhibition of the North 2018 to develop a new iteration of every thing every time, to be displayed in Newcastle upon Tyne from June 2018. A three month celebration of the North of England’s artists, designers and inventors, the Exhibition will feature a huge number of artworks, performances, experiences and new commissions.

As Newcastle’s citizens interact with the city, a poem will be generated, made anonymous and displayed on a large scale mechanical display in the city centre of Newcastle. Data provided from the Urban Observatory, a research laboratory that aims to help us understand the long term performance and wider interactions of infrastructure within the urban environment, will be used as well as all kinds of other data streams from the city.

every thing every time will be shown outside of the Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne from June 22nd to September 9th.


About every thing every time

Can we see the urban landscape differently through the technologies that quantify it? With the rise of the ‘Smart City’ asking important questions of what we want from the future, where do we see ourselves in it? As citizens interact with the city, a poem is generated and translated to a mechanical  display.

the sun rises

the streets are empty

today is the last day of the term

the car park is almost empty

the traffic light turns green

the cleaning shift starts

the bus is on time

and it is colder than yesterday


A meditation on the data that passes through the fabric of the city each day, every thing every time questions not only the role data has in our lives, but the use and value it has as it is collected. Can we see the urban landscape differently through the technologies that make sense of it?

About Naho Matsuda

Naho Matsuda graduated from the MA Interaction Design at Goldsmiths in 2016. Her practice investigates the social and cultural issues found within contemporary technological practice through a range of design outputs, processes and methodologies. With a particular interest in social engagement and interactive experiences, her transdisciplinary approach uses a diversity of media including performance, objects, installation, print and writing.