Thank you to those that joined us for FutureEverything 2016: Less and More, it was a great four days of talks, performances and world premieres, and we’ve got you to thank for making it unforgettable!

We’ve uploaded the talks and Fireside Chats from FutureEverything 2016’s conference on Soundcloud, together with transcripts so you can choose how to catch up with all of the ideas from this year’s speakers. We’ll shortly be uploading the Thriving in Uncertainty talks too.

A huge thanks to All Typed Up for their transcription service, and to Sam Weaver who edited together all of our podcasts! We’ll be loading them up to iTunes shortly, so you’ll have another way to listen.

With a vast amount of information at our fingertips, how do we make the right decisions? After years of excitement around the possibilities of data driven systems of decision making, what is the right balance between human and artificial intelligence? With so many ways to process the huge amounts of data we encounter, how do we make sense of it? After the Volkswagen and Ashley Madison scandals, how do we prevent algorithmic disasters that can have a serious impact in society?


(Please note: Due to Copyright, we are unable to publish Nelly Ben Hayoun’s talk).

Lydia Nicholas (Transcript)

Darius Kazemi (Transcript)

Panel Discussion (with Vikas Shah) (Transcript)

Climate change poses a challenge to our society, and calls for a profound rethink of the ways in which we manage the resources of the planet. To do so we need to improve the way in which we extract meaningful information from the ever growing amount of data we produce. Can climate services help us in this process? Where will our energy come from, and how do we unite to find the best solution? How do we design cities to be more resilient to climate uncertainties, and how do we secure our food for the future?


Please note: Due to travel, Maita Fernandez-Armesto was moved to a later session, Thriving in Uncertainty.

Kirsty Lewis (Transcript)

Alice Bell (Transcript)

Panel Discussion (with Carlo Buontempo and Kate Chappell) (Transcript)

Is life itself becoming a resource in the 21st Century,  and where do ethics come in? Now that we can design microorganisms from scratch, can we imagine new realities with revolutionary materials taking shape in laboratories? Where is our food coming from, and will it look the same twenty years from now? How are human bodies changing with the advent of smarter drugs and smarter tissue?


David Benque (Transcript)

Abi Aspen Glencross (Transcript)

Andy Miah (Transcript)

Panel Discussion (with Matthew Cobb) (Transcript)

In a globalised society, how do people organise around what we have left, and who gets to be in charge? What is a community, and how can they come together to have ownership over their urban environment? In the face of dystopic visions of the future, where is the place for optimism to be society’s untapped resource?


Sarah Kember (Transcript)

Madeline Ashby (Transcript)

Mathew Leung (Assemble) (Transcript)

Panel Discussion (with Dan Vernon) (Transcript)

Fireside Chats
Our Fireside Chats are a more intimate conversation with leading practitioners, about their work, inspirations and ideas.


Please note: Due to technical failure, the Deep Lab Fireside Chat was not recorded, apologies for the inconvenience.

Stefanie Posavec & Hannah Redler (Transcript)
Joining us in the Fireside Chat Rom is artist Stefanie Posavec and curator Hannah Redler, who will be in conversation on data visualisation, art and the issues surrounding representation, information, and identity.

Ed Carter & David Cranmer (with Joeli Brearley) (Transcript)
In this Fireside Chat with artist Ed Carter and technologist David Cranmer and hosted by Joeli Brearly, we’ll explore deeper into their latest work, Smoke Signals, a FutureEverything commission that takes data beyond the confines of the screen to visualise digital interaction, and learn more about their own practises and approaches to data art.

Gazelle Twin (with Reece Williams) (Transcript)
In this edition of our Fireside Chats, we welcome acclaimed artist Gazelle Twin and filmmaker Chris Turner to speak on their long-term collaboration creating Gazelle Twin’s unique identity. Talking on their previous films, including Anti Body andExorcise (2014), Turner and Gazelle Twin will be speaking on their latest work together with Tash Tung, presented and commissioned by FutureEverything, Kingdom Come: An audiovisual performance for two vocalists, unpacking the notions of feralness, displacement and the uncanny in the contemporary British, urban landscape explored in this new conceptual piece.

Project Ukko (Ben Still & Moritz Stefaner) (Transcript)
One of the highlights of this year’s festival is the launch of Project Ukko, a new climate service for wind energy that breaks new ground in the effort to improve the resilience of society to climate variability and change. Join us in the Fireside Chat room to hear Ukko’s interface designer, Moritz Stefaner, in conversation with physicist Dr Ben Still.


Thriving in Uncertainty

This year’s conference-within-a-conference will explore the need to reassess an important element of knowledge: Uncertainty. From climate modelling to financial services, from counterterrorism to particle physics and health, uncertainty is increasingly being recognised as a tool and a resource. Uncertainty has a bad press, but this transdisciplinary gathering of professionals and researchers that deal with it every day, will look at how we can turn uncertainty into a fertile, productive condition.


Angela Cassidy (Transcript)

Ben Still (Transcript)

Izabella Kaminska (Transcript)

Maita Fernandez-Armesto (Transcript)

Morning Session Panel – Izabella Kaminska, Ben Still, Angela Cassidy and Maita Fernandez-Armesto. Moderated by Carlo Buontempo. (Transcript)

Lydia Nicholas (Transcript)

Ruth Garcia-Gavilanes (Transcript)

Charlie Winter (Transcript)

Afternoon Session Panel – Lydia Nicholas, Ruth Garcia-Gavilanes and Charlie Winter. Moderated by Richard Stanton. (Transcript)