It wouldn’t be a FutureEverything event without a proper launch party, would it?

While Future Sessions is quite different to the large festivals we are best known for, we decided to create a launch event which goes back to our roots; Putting on cutting edge performances in unusual spaces.

The choice of venues was relatively easy. The recently reopened Great Hall at the Whitworth Art Gallery topped our list.

To curate the event we turned to Sean Clarke and Test Card. Test Card is the main in-house project at Texture, a creative event space in the Northern Quarter. Feeding from both Creative Director Sean’s passion for exploring the future of audio visual performance and Texture’s ability to facilitate this area of work, the Test Card project has slowly grown into one of the UK leading supporters for artists exploring the boundaries of sound design and visual manipulation through new technology and software.

I’ll let Sean introduce the line up in his own words:

“After a fantastic end to 2017 – were we hosted the likes of Robert Henke, The Light Surgeons and Weirdcore – its a real privilege to be curating the Future Sessions Launch Party, at one of Manchester’s most historic venues The Whitworth Gallery.

When originally approached to curate this lineup, I felt it was real opportunity for the project to showcase some of the best kept secrets in Manchester. Working with custom made technological interfaces and found objects as instruments, Seth Scott and Guillaume Dujat will open up the evening with a special performance that embodies a physicality with electronic music, so impressive you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

From a table full of instruments to the depths of computer software, for the next act we have invited along one of the cites most exciting audiovisual performers Joe Beedles. Recently returning from his China residency, Joe has regularly taken part in Test Cards over the last few years, as well as performing at the likes of Algorave and Splice. Exploring ideas surrounding club music abstraction and the threshold between the real and the simulated. Joe’s current focus is in generative systems which explore human/computer improvisation through custom-built Max MSP patches.

Joining these two fantastic local acts, we are extremely excited to be welcoming Argentinean digital artist and industrial designer Lucas Gutierrez. Recently performing a festivals such a MUTEK and Sonar+D, Lucas performance focuses on blending his own audio compositions with 3D content that he manipulates live through real time software.

The Test Card project has always put an emphasis on supporting our artists with the best lighting and sound production available, through out the night the sound will be provided by a special Nova system and a state of the art projection system, there might even be a few extra guests.

See you there!”

Tickets for the Future Sessions Launch Party (Wednesday 21 March at the Whitworth Art Gallery) are on sale now at just £10.