On Tuesday 24th March, our Executive Director Tom Higham will be speaking on a panel at the University of Manchester’s Kilburn Club.

Chaired by Prof. Steve Furber and featuring a panel of experts in computer science, the session will explore the future of computing, with the panel responding to questions posed by Greater Manchester’s school children across these topics:

Computers and Brains
At Manchester and around the world, computer scientists are exploring new hardware architectures, trying to mimic the resilience and power of the human brain. Ask Prof Steve Furber about the next wave of developments, and what the computers of the future could look like.

The Changing Face of Science
Prof. Ross King will answer questions on how computers and the Web are changing the way we do science, from new ways of collaborating across the globe to robot scientists working to discover new drugs.

Nature’s Computers
Interested in how we can use DNA to make natural computers? Or how nature is inspiring the creation of swarm-based AI? Prof King will answer questions on how we are stealing ideas from the natural world to construct brand new forms of computational system.

Art and Culture in a Digital World
Here, Tom discusses recent technological developments are linking the digital world to the physical world as never before, blurring the boundaries between people and machines, and creating brand new spaces for art and culture to explore.

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens
Find out how clouds, sensors and the Internet of Things are transforming how we live, work and play in our cities, presented by FutureEverything’s Executive Director, Tom Higham.

Beyond Bitcoin
We are now entering the age of the digital economy, with its brand new currencies and more ways to spend and earn money than ever before. Send your questions on the future of finance, and future technologies in the digital age, to Edel Owen, Vice President of Personal and Corporate Banking at Barclays Bank.

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The Kilburn Club takes place at the Kilburn Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, from 5.30-8.00pm, Tuesday 24th March.