FutureEverything has today announced a three month UK-Russian digital culture exchange programme, in partnership with British Council Russia as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.

FutureEverything Moscow, the first stage of the exchange, will take place over four days in venues across Moscow, from 20-23 November 2014. It presents live performances by leading artists and musicians from Russia and the UK, an exhibition of cutting edge ideas spanning art and science, and workshops exploring participatory technologies and creative communities.

Culminating at the FutureEverything Festival in Manchester, 26-28 February 2015, it engages UK and Russian artists and thinkers in celebrating connectedness and creativity, and the contemporary character of culture in an interconnected world.

“There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them.” 
Niels Bohr – Quantum Physicist

To what degree is our reality objective? Is it the only one that exists? Are the rules and laws determining our lives in the present moment the only reality? The followers of Niels Bohr’s quantum theory claim that there is no such thing as objective reality. The world around us as we perceive it emerges only as a result of measurements, either by physical apparatus or the observer’s interpretation.

Quantum Entanglement presents work by artists whose vision is to demonstrate these ideas; to inspire, amaze and provoke. These new views, discoveries, undetermined consequences, poetical metaphors and multifaceted of perceptions which quantum physics suggest – are a source of deep inspiration for the artists – and after exploring these works, for the audience also.

Featuring brand new and existing works by Memo Akten (Equilibrium, 2014, World Premiere), Semiconductor (20Hz, 2011), Where Dogs Run (1,4,…19, 2014, New Commission), Electroboutique (Visual Uncertainty, 2014, New Commission), ::vtol:: (Metaphase Sound Machine, 2014, New Commission).

The FutureEverything Moscow workshop programme invites participants to explore hands-on design, prototyping and idea generation around a theme. In НИИ Communication; participants from various fields to explore and prototype new forms of communication for a post-internet society. In Urban Routines, A team of experts from the UK will work hands-on with recent graduates (Alina Bibisheva, Alexander Ayoupov, Daniele Belleri, Nicholas Moore) to interrogate the gigantic and complex world of the ordinary, everyday life of a city. We will seek to understand how the past influences our present reality and what the future will entail.

FutureEverything Moscow features performances by some of the most influential electronic music artists working today. Over three days, we present a brand new commission; The Well by UK musician Koreless and live lighting engineer Emmanuel Biard, plus performances from Lee Gamble, Mark Fell, Powell, Evian Christ and more. The programme will close with a 10th anniversary showcase of the UK label Hyperdub, bringing Kode9, Ikonika and Scratcha DVA together for the first time in Russia.