The Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme is looking for motivated technologists, data practitioners and technically minded social scientists interested in participating as a GMDSP Code Fellow.

The successful candidate will be employed as a Code Fellow for 18 days, which will be flexible and therefore suited to freelancers, as well as part-time and full-time individuals with scope for flexible working in their job.

Candidate Description
The programme presents an exciting challenge for the Code Fellow to act as a ‘Change Agent’. In addition to the release of linked open data, it is a role that will combine existing knowledge and potential for change within local authority IT departments with new knowledge and skills to catalyse public sector innovation.

The Code Fellow will be a forward thinking technologist or data practitioner, with an excellent balance of technical and interpersonal skills. The role is both collaborative and collegiate, and may appeal to individuals with a background in software or web development, open data or data science; particularly those who a desire to make a meaningful contribution to public service.

Essential Requirements
Appreciation of data practice, the path that data takes through systems, with a practical knowledge of current digital and coding practice

  • Sufficient exposure to technology projects and understanding of an agile development process
  • Sympathetic to the challenges host organisations face in achieving the goals of the project
  • Excellent time management and communication skills
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the value of linked data.
  • Applicants should demonstrate an ability to either use scripting languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.), data formats (XML, JSON etc.) or “back end” technologies such as database systems (MySQL, MongoDB, SPARQL, or linked data, etc. Alternatively, they may be acquainted with coding, and have used data modelling software like OpenRefine.

18 days
This timeframe allows scope for secondment for approximately 1 – 2 days a week,

Number of Code Fellow placements

£200 per day for 16 days work = £3,600

Organising host
FutureEverything CIC, employed on a freelance basis

Closing Date for Applications
12pm, Friday 15 August 2014

Monday 18 August 2014

Application process
Please send a covering letter and CV to