The FutureEverything team are part of GROW – an exciting EC funded project, which draws on our experience of participatory digital culture to help build a citizen’s observatory. GROW brings together people passionate about soil and sustainable growing techniques to build and share knowledge; along with scientists and policy makers. GROW will combine data contributed by individuals, groups and publicly available scientific data to generate new open knowledge and practices, and Drew has written a blog explaining where the idea came from and what we hope to do together.

Sign up to become part of GROW – learn how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues by becoming a citizen scientist. This online course, part of GROW’s first mission, kicks off on Monday 8th May; be part of the community!

Artist residencies

GROW is one of forty projects selected for the VERTIGO STARTS project – an EC funded programme funding the participation of artists in a number of residencies over 3 years.

The STARTS Initiative is about innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the Arts and promotes the collaboration of artists, as catalysts of innovation, within research and development projects.

Artistic practices are increasingly recognized as potential vectors of technological innovation. By enabling artists’ residencies within ICT projects, VERTIGO (with funding of €900,000 over 3 years) aims at producing original artworks featuring innovative use-cases of technologies developed in R&D projects.

This is an exciting opportunity that we’re thrilled to share with our network. The call is open until 22nd May, and full details are available on the Vertigo website.