Light Barrier has been given an Honorary Mention at this year’s prestigious Prix Ars Electronica.

The stunning installation by digital artist duo Kimchi and Chips (Elliot Woods and Mimi Son) was commissioned by FutureEverything and the British Council in 2014. The work pushes against the limitations of the digital and the physical, attempting to bring digital objects into free physical space. It uses millions of beams of light to create ethereal, floating graphic objects – the calibrated rays of light are knitted together, defining shapes which float within its environment.

Light Barrier premiered at New Media Night, a festival of digital arts, experimental music and workshops at Nikola Lenivets, Russia, on 4–6 June 2014, and has gone on to receive critical acclaim the Creators Project, Creative Applications Network, Design Boom, and more.

It has been recognised by Creative Applications Network as the No. 1 most memorable project of 2014, and won the Spatial Media Art Award at the Media Architecture Biennale 2014.

Find out more about Light Barrier here.