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FutureEverything requires an information designer to produce a series of ‘How To’ guides, a series of reports in response to analysis generated by the ArtsAPI tool, and advise on the project user journey to effectively engage new users.

The ArtsAPI Information Designer will be a creative communicator who uses visual illustration and clear communication methods to help arts organisations understand how to use the tool, and how to interpret the analysis it produces. Our target market is senior managers in the arts, culture and heritage sector.

ArtsAPI is a major collaborative R&D project led by FutureEverything, with partners the University of Dundee and Swirrl. The project will develop a new web application for arts organisations designed to show the value and impact generated through their networks. It will aggregate, analyse and present their network data, helping the arts sector to create new and refined business models and propositions.

ArtsAPI is the first tool of its kind in the world. It uses email data gathered from staff working in an arts organisation to offer insight and analysis into their networks through a number of network measures such as, Density, Connectivity, Degree Centrality and Clique Participation Index.

The tool will explore the following:

  • How well connected the organisation is to different sectors
  • How well connected the organisation is to different countries and cities
  • How well connected the organisation is to people who have different areas of responsibility within their organisation

The tool will produce a visualisation of your network as well as various reports to communicate analysis and insight.


  • Illustrated ‘How To’ guides (Digital): A step by step, informative and visually stimulating guide for arts organisations, that communicates clearly how to use the ArtsAPI tool. The guides can be illustrative, or use motion graphics and video elements. Creative and novel approaches to the brief are welcomed – providing the guides function as intended. The guides should not assume a level of expert technical knowledge. The written process shall be provided to the designer.
  • Illustrated ‘How To’ guides (Print): A printed version of the above. The format of these is open to creative interpretation from the designer – these could be simple, flat printed items, or use creative folds and shapes. The printed guides are to be distributed at the ArtsAPI Roadshow events in July/August 2015, to senior arts organisation managers. The printed guides are to act as a functional artefact (as with the digital versions) and also as a promotional item for the project.
  • Illustrated reporting (Print): Alongside Swirrl Ltd (linked data specialists who are building the tool), develop an effective guide for translating the information and analysis the tool produces.
  • Additional design elements (to be discussed): Project reports, FAQs, the data deed and other materials may require additional design items, including icon sets, navigation and illustrations.

The Information Designer
We are looking for a creative communicator and thinker with a good grasp of technology and data.
They do not need to understand linked data and Social Network Analysis but they do need to be comfortable with discussing and exploring data driven tools.

Someone who has previously worked across the art and technology sector would be ideal.

To apply for this role, please submit a short (700 word) written statement on how you would approach the brief, along with a portfolio/showreel of relevant work, to

£3300 + VAT

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