Application Deadline: 9am, Wednesday 17th September

FutureEverything is looking for a filmmaker to create a project film and documentation for a new project, ArtsAPI.

ArtsAPI is a major collaborative R&D project led by FutureEverything, the University of Dundee and Swirrl. The project will develop a new web application for arts organisations designed to show the value and impact generated through their networks. It will aggregate, analyse and present their data, helping the arts sector to create new and refined business models and propositions.

The key deliverable is a 3 min film. This has two objectives: to promote the final product, and to communicate the ideas, methods and process in an accessible and engaging way. The final product is a web-based tool, and the film shall need to communicate its function and potential. Much of the interest in the project relates to the ideas and methods behind it, and the filmmaker shall need to work with the project team to ensure concepts are communicated properly. It is anticipated that animations or motion graphics shall be separately commissioned on the web-based tool that can be featured in the film. There will be opportunities to interview the project team and also participants at a series of workshops.

In addition to the film, the brief is to document the project, and will include videography and vox pop interviews at an agreed number of workshop and roadshow events (to be negotiated).

The successful applicant will be required to provide one film, communicating and promoting both the end product, and the ‘making of’, the ideas behind the project, the methods and process, in an accessible and engaging way. The film should be polished, and include stylised establishing shots for opening sequences, documentation of people interacting at workshops, and a narrative that combines participant interviews and scripted voiceover to communicate the product, ideas, methods and process. The primary audiences for ArtsAPI are the i. arts/culture and ii. digital innovation sectors – all content should reflect this.

Total budget is £6000 inc VAT.

Application and Further Information
Please send a short written proposal (700 words max), a portfolio/showreel of relevant work and budget breakdown by 9am Wednesday 17th September to Simon Webbon, If you require further details not included in this brief, please also get in touch.

The successful applicant must be available to film the workshop on 22 September in Manchester.

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