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FutureEverything is looking for a filmmaker, or filmmakers, to produce a series of short documentaries and conference talk films for our upcoming festival in Singapore, 10-18th October 2015.

The successful applicant will have extensive experience in producing exceptional artistic narrative-led documentary films, as well as broadcast standard conference talk videos. Applicants with experience in producing films for high profile and respected arts, design and technology projects, as well as festivals, conferences and public events are strongly encouraged.

The filmmaker(s) will be required to attend the whole festival. The following films are to be produced:

  • FutureEverything Singapore Documentary (4 mins and 90 sec versions)
    This will contain vox pops and interviews with artists, speakers, lab participants, FutureEverything team members, festival partner team members, VIPs and attendees/members of the public. It will also include highly crisp, polished establishing/ambient shots of the festival venues, and footage of visitors interacting. The film should demonstrate the scale of the festival, and its large footprint across Singapore. It should also communicate that FutureEverything Singapore as a keystone part of the year-long SG50 programme. It should include interviews and voxpops with senior representatives of the IDA and the government of Singapore, as appropriate.
  • Conference Talk Recordings (20 talks, 25 mins each)
    Full recordings of conference talks, using multiple angles and a combination of fixed and handheld cameras positions. Presentation slides are to be captured from each speaker and inserted into the films as appropriate. Audio capture is to be coordinated with the event production company. The conference takes place on Saturday 17th October, 10am – 6.30pm. All the talks are to take place in one space.
  • Smart Nation Innovation Lab Documentary (3 mins)
    A short documentary that captures the ideas and energy behind the festival innovation labs. It will communicate the processes behind the labs, and feature a selection of participants discussing their work. It will feature commentary and interviews with facilitators and experts who are conducting the event.
  • Public Realm Artwork Documentary (3 mins)
    A short film documenting the public realm artwork, including interviews with the artists, vox pops from visitors and footage of people interacting with the work.
  • Installation Artwork Documentary (3 mins)
    A short film that communicates the ideas behind the installation, Including interviews with the artists and the public. The film should also include crisp and formal establishing shots of the work in situ.

$24,000 SG inclusive of any VAT or sales taxes

Application Process
Please send a short written proposal (maximum 700 words), budget breakdown and portfolio/showreel of relevant work to by 5pm, Friday 25th September (UK time).

Delivery Timeline
Deadline for Submissions: 5pm, Friday 25th September
Interviews / clarification calls conducted (where required): Tuesday 29th September
Filmmaker appointed: Wednesday 30th September
First edits received: Monday 26th October
Revisions / second edits: Friday 30th October
Final edits received: Friday 6th November

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