Introducing a new tool to make sense of predictions on future weather and climate. Helping to see predicted change in new and clearer ways, developed by FutureEverything and Barcelona Supercomputing Center with design by Moritz Stefaner.

Project Ukko is a new climate service for wind energy that breaks new ground in the effort to improve the resilience of society to climate variability and change.

Project Ukko combines cutting edge climate science and data design to communicate forecasts not on the coming days, but over months and seasons. Understanding future wind conditions can become a crucial enabler for clean energy and climate change resilience. Project Ukko is an expert tool for wind energy professionals, named after the Finnish god of the sky, weather and thunder, and a part of EUPORIAS, Europe’s flagship project supporting the uptake of climate forecast services.

This is the first time artists, designers and climate scientists have worked together to break new ground in climate services and to develop responses to climate variability and change.

Over 2 years, the art and design company FutureEverything worked with climate scientists from Met Office and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre to understand the challenge of creating climate services that are useful, usable and effective. They are partners in EUPORIAS, Europe’s flagship project supporting the uptake of climate forecast services. FutureEverything specialises in using art and design to prototype the future. Here Moritz Stefaner joined the team to develop a visualisation to demonstrate the potential of advanced climate predictions in a beautiful and accessible interface.

Project Ukko will be showcased and officially launched at the FutureEverything festival in Manchester on 30 March – 2 April 2016, alongside debates and events on how an advanced capability to predict future events can reshape our world and the future of resources in a sustainable planet.

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