Full Talks Now Online – What now for…Memory? Ownership? Democracy? The Weird & Wonderful?
The four conference themes for 2015 and our 20th anniversary captured the unimaginable ways our lives have been transformed by the digital turn over the last 20 years. The full series of conference talks is now available to view in full, for free:

Watch Now: What now for… Memory and Identity?
The advent of the digital has had a profound impact on our sense of identity, and has shifted the shape and volume of our memories. What does it mean to remember and how is it possible to forget when our experiences are being indexed, stored and monetized, and in the hand of systems we don’t fully understand? Which is our real self online, the one we build intentionally with our tweets and posts, or the one that is created unconsciously when every single one of our actions online is measured and analysed?

Watch Now: What now for… Ownership?
Ownership, how we handle it, and its value have been transformed in the digital age. In a new wave of digital disruption, the sharing economy is enabling people to unlock value from their property, time and skills. Cloud computing is improving our access to information, to each other, and to the things we each own. The cost is unprecedented levels of centralisation, with taxi drivers protesting on the streets of cities giving an image to a sidelined majority. The backdrop is nothing less than the geo-politics of the Internet, where interest in a more local web is growing across the globe.

Watch Now: What now for… Democracy?
We face a window of opportunity to renew civic culture in the UK. The wave of devolution is breaking across UK nations, regions and cities following the Scottish referendum. The UK Government is supporting a “Northern Powerhouse” to rebalance the economy of a country dominated by one mega city. This creates an opportunity to rethink and upgrade the relationship between citizen and city, as well as between city and state. To stretch the imagination about what is possible we invite leading thinkers, civic innovators and city makers to present inspiring stories and case studies in civic innovation from around the world.

Watch Now: What now for… The Weird and Wonderful?
One of the foundational values of the Internet was being a space for the different – a place of rich cultural diversity where the whimsical and obscure were celebrated and you could experiment with your identity without fear of being stigmatised. It may seem that the web is no longer what it used to be – that social media and centralisation brought along with it cultural homogeneity, online bullying and prejudice. But in the heart of the Internet, the weird and wonderful is still pulsating – and we want to celebrate it.

Watch Now: Warren Ellis – Some Bleak Circus
Closing the 2015 FutureEverything conference, we welcome esteemed writer and sociocultural commentator Warren Ellis. ‘Some Bleak Circus’ is a light entertainment about psychedelic nightmares, the grim tide of time, our weird present moment and our future doom. Gathering up the four themes of the festival and ruining them. Because you have had fun at FutureEverything, and now it is time for the fun to stop.

Watch Now: Haunted Machines
The continued proliferation of connected devices and the narratives driving them forward has been running parallel to stories of surveillance, hacking and black boxes. While designers and technologists talk about ‘magic’ and ‘enchantment’ in regard to these devices, we forget that magic is a form of deception; a sleight of hand. Thinkers, writers, designers and artists are beginning to refer more and more to a new time of hauntings and the supernatural in respect of this new technological climate.

Watch Now: Lightning Talks
In the final series of talks from the 2015 FutureEverything Festival, we present a series of lightning talks – a handpicked selection of short informative talks from some of our featured artists and closest collaborators.