We face a window of opportunity to renew civic culture in the UK. The wave of devolution is breaking across UK nations, regions and cities following the Scottish referendum. The UK Government is supporting a “Northern Powerhouse” to rebalance the economy of a country dominated by one mega city. This creates an opportunity to rethink and upgrade the relationship between citizen and city, as well as between city and state. To stretch the imagination about what is possible we invite leading thinkers, civic innovators and city makers to present inspiring stories and case studies in civic innovation from around the world.

Watch the full talks from this session below.

This session is introduced by FutureEverything Founder and CEO, Drew Hemment:

In the opening keynote of the session, director of Mexico’s Laboratorio Para la Cuidad Gabriella Gomez Mont discusses how she is reimagining the way government and civil society can come together to better understand Mexico City. What happens when you bring in civil society and place them in the mayor’s office? Creating a new, inclusive, space which interrogates the next generation of city mapping, civil intervention and society, Gabriella asks how we can use the laboratory as a metaphor for the cities we wish to create.

Working against the development of an ‘identikit’ of a city, CEO of Forum Virium Helsinki Jarmo Eskelinen asks us how to build an operating system for society. By trying to replicate cities from existing ones, Jarmo argues that this creates a caricature of a city which doesn’t take legacy into consideration and that we should always be embracing openness and civic society’s reaction to the cities they live in.

Enric Hidalgo from Goteo, a crowdfunding platform for social good, discusses what it means to find the resources for your project. Beyond the financial assistance that crowdfunding allows, how do we collectively share what we’ve learnt for a sustainable future? Enric talks on enabling platforms to let people contribute to their community directly, while charting where crowdfunded products show civic impact.

Framed around Manchester’s recent devolution, this session’s panel features Cllr Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, activist, theorist and campaigner for Scottish Independence Pat Kane, Gabriella Gomez Mont, Jarmo Eskelinen and Enric Hidalgo on laying the foundations for citizen involvement, radicalism in the city, and creating new models for democracy.