In this session, we discussed how artists, makers, designers and grassroots communities are playing with the technology weaving itself into our urban environments. Where are artists crossing boundaries into the technology world to actively shape urban spaces and take part in the development of a Smart Nation? Where are makerspaces and grassroots initiatives propelling forward our future visions of a connected community?

Watch the full talks below

Ayesha Khanna from The Keys Academy spoke on her initiative to create ‘externships’ as a means of helping people contribute further to their communities.

Umbrellium’s Usman Haque delved into the world of participatory art as a means of allowing safe exploration of difficult technological concepts.

Designswarm’s Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino argued that not everything has to be ‘smart’, and that new technologies need more human considerations.

Q & A with designer and Innovation Lab design lead Debbie Ding.

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