As we look to the aspirations of the Smart Nation in the public imagination, how do we go on to design a Smart Nation at human scale? In this session we’ll examine what the possibilities of a networked nation could be and how we can facilitate citizen engagement with information. How can design with data make the city more liveable, and help answer urgent challenges? Can we use data to tackle important issues such as urban density, sustainability and an ageing population?

Watch the full talks below

IDA’s Managing Director Jacqueline Poh opened the second session of the day, talking on the Singapore government’s ambition to use technology to make the city work better for citizens.

Arup’s Dan Hill spoke on how urban robots fit into our social and economic needs, and help us understand the way the city works for humans on the ground.

Nick R. Smith from Yale NUS talked on the importance of talking to ethnographers when developing cities with technology in mind.

Q&A with Stuart Smith, NUS System Sciences team.

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