Signals of Tomorrow conference – Saturday 17 October 2015, ArtScience Museum

What it means to be at the human end of technology? What does it mean to live within a Smart Nation, in a society that is always ‘on’? This session will examine how technology has impacted life at a profound level, often interacting with us in fascinating and unanticipated ways. What is smart and how did we get here, and what can we expect to see next?

Watch the full talks below

Futurist Scott Smith talked on the problem of conflicting technological and cultural systems when looking at the future of supposedly ‘smart’ services and devices.

Technology critic Sara Watson used speculative fiction to explore how technology can sometimes miss the emotional implications when dealing with humans.

Technology historian Andrea Nanetti looked at the role of maps in understanding how people move through cities.

Q & A with Anna Simpson, Forum for the Future.

Next: FutureEverything Singapore – Designing the Data City, with Dan Hill, Nick R Smith and Jacqueline Poh.