Signals of Tomorrow conference – Saturday 17 October 2015, ArtScience Museum

Responding to our public realm installation, Hello Lamp Post Singapore, this session will look to address the aspirations and issues the citizens will encounter in the development of the Smart Nation. With leading experts in futures, policy and social enterprise, these presentations will ask how and where change happens, who or what it affects, and how our understanding of the relationships between society and technology will affect our aspirations for the Smart Nation.

Watch the full talks below

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s Cheryl Chung asked us to consider how we talk about, and to, the technology around us in order to anticipate how it will work for us.

Tong Yee, of the Thought Collective, looked at how fear and misunderstanding of technology can alienate, and how important it is to think about the permissions we give ourselves and others in the future.

Aaron Maniam, Director of the Industry Division at Ministry of Trade and Industry, spoke on the history and stories leading up to the development of where Singapore is today, and the importance of learning from the past to sculpt new, human-centred futures.