FutureEverything Singapore: 10-18 October 2015

A week long festival of digital culture in Singapore, 10th-18th October 2015, more than 30,000 Singaporeans, UK and international artists, tourists and future-thinkers are expected to congregate for the festival. It will form a landmark part of SG50 – the year long celebrations that mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Singapore. We spoke to some of the speakers and artists involved with the festival, and asked them about the pressing issues facing the Smart Nation; what could it mean to live in a connected society, what challenges will we face and where can art allow us to play with this future?

About FutureEverything Singapore

A conference, innovation lab and city-wide installations will present new ideas around a future Smart Nation, and transport visitors into the near future through art and design experiences. Objects and street furniture across the city come to life and chat to passersby, and smart sleep pods induce a dose of restorative sleep, as an antidote to the fast pace of ‘always on’ city living. The conference and innovation lab will present and invent new innovative ways in which people can together actively shape a smart future.

As Singapore looks ahead to the next 50 years, FutureEverything Singapore asks what are the Signals of Tomorrow? Singapore is building the world’s first Smart Nation, and the festival explores this vision for the future of Singapore through the lens of art, design and digital culture. FutureEverything Singapore hopes to contribute to a dialogue between society and technology, and a vision for the Smart Nation that can reflect the ambitions of the many people whose lives it will shape.