Charlie Winter is a Senior Research Associate at Georgia State University’s Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative, where his research focuses on transnational jihadist movements and insurgency. As well as managing a Department of Defence Minerva Research Initiative Project, ‘Preventing the next generation: mapping the pathways of child mobilization into Violent Extremist Organizations’, he is quantitatively and qualitatively assessing Islamic State’s outreach strategy, and specializing in the sourcing, translation, and analysis of Arabic-language documents circulated online by jihadists.

Among other things, he has recently translated a 10,000 word manifesto on women from Islamic State’s Al-Khansaa’ Brigade, a theological treatise on female suicide bombing, a personal account of life for women in the caliphate, and an essay on the strategic importance of the Libyan jihad.

Winter regularly consults with governments on policy options/alternatives vis á vis Islamist militant groups in the MENA region. His work has been published by, among others, the Legatum Institute, Brookings Institution, Jamestown Terrorism Monitor, Philosophia Journal, and Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, as well as Jihadology, War on the Rocks, CNN, BBC News, and The Daily Beast.

Twitter: @charliewinter