Who are you and what do you do at FE?

Feimatta Conteh – new Programme Manager for FE. Looking forward to taking responsibility for strategic development and delivery of FE’s exciting portfolio of innovation, art and design projects; brought together in a cohesive and impactful programme. I have extensive experience of partnership building and look forward to linking with multi-disciplinary teams from a range of partners. I am focussed on the delivery of projects, ensuring that outputs are achieved to the highest possible standard.

What do you find interesting about innovation and digital culture?

An aspect of digital culture I am very positive about is the democratisation of creative opportunities, for example with open access tools and non-place-based frameworks. Multiple creative engagement opportunities enriches dialogue about culture, representation and participation.

I am interested in how digital culture brings together art, science and technology; with creativity integral to each sphere. For me, this is a key part of innovation – bringing together different ways of thinking and approaches to problems and applying a spark of creative thinking.

What are you interested in outside of work?

As befitting a literature graduate, I am very interested in different strands of literature –modern fiction and particularly theatre. I enjoy performance of many kinds; the creation of momentary communal meaning between performers, participants, audience.

I am interested in exploring the city – seeing traces of peoples’ experiences in the palimpsest of the streets. I also enjoy being in wide open spaces out of the city – walking in the hills and being close to nature.