Izabella Kaminska is a writer, commentator and blogger for the Financial Times and its blog FT Alphaville. She’s always been a journalist, whether for Reuters, CNBC or the Warsaw Business Journal. She’s interested in connecting the dots between all the stuff that nobody really thinks is related. How does a computer processor cause the 2008 banking crisis? What does the price of oil have to do with Switzerland? What’s the London super sewer got to do with faster payments? How is the art world a precursor to bitcoin? What does an Amazon parcel delivery service have to do with CDS inventor Blythe Masters?

After university she spent some time messing about in the Post Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia, trying to cut her teeth as an adventurer/reporter. Academically she holds an undergraduate in Ancient History from UCL, a master’s in journalism from what was then LCP and an art foundation course from Chelsea College of art.

Twitter: @izakaminska