Joeli is a producer and project manager who specialises in digital technology and the creative industries, and founder of Pregnant Then Screwed, a project and campaign which aims to raise awareness of pregnancy discrimination in the UK, US and Spain. is a place for women to tell their stories anonymously, giving victims a voice, while demonstrating how systemic the problem is.

Joeli works with artists, cultural organisations, academics and various technology specialists to deliver innovative projects that utilise interdisciplinary skills through effective collaboration.
Joeli spent 8 years working in the arts before making the transition to the digital sector. She now dedicates her time to projects which combine the two. Her knowledge of both sectors led her to establish CultureCode Initiative, an organisation which develops long-lasting, sustainable relationships between cultural professionals, artists, computer programmers and creative technologists through rapid prototyping, disruptive innovation and open data.

Recent projects include: CultureShift Zimbabwe – the development of open data business models and prototype start-ups for cultural organisations in Zimbabwe; Digital Zoo – A touring programme of digital art around shopping centres in the UK. At FutureEverything 2013, she launched the provocative interactive art experiment Chattr, sharing online private conversations of visitors to the summit.

Twitter: @Joeli_Brearley