Current role: Service and Engagement Designer

Joined FutureEverything in: July 2017

What you do at FutureEverything: I’m a Service and Engagement Designer at FutureEverything and I work on key projects such as CityVerve to bring a human-centred approach to the development of its varied initiatives (use cases) to make Manchester a Smart city. Alongside this, I bring a human-centred approach to diverse and fun projects!

Talk to me about: Service Design, Storytelling, Digital Technology and Food (not in that order.)

Before FutureEverything: Worked at Hyper Island on Storytelling and Communications, and atLarge Inc. as Digital Strategist. Worked as consultant with NHS, MedX and Health 2.0 on Service Design projects, launched the Global Service Design Jam in Manchester.

Outside of FutureEverything: I am also a consultant, mentor students, and am co-founder of SheSays MCR. I’m (reluctantly) into my running and fitness – basically, because of my love for (over-eating) food and sweets (which is also another hobby).