Who are you, and what do you do at FutureEverything?

I’m Rachel, the Commercial Partnerships Manager here at FutureEverything. My role here is to develop the potential of our portfolio of design, art, technology, innovation, research and community building projects.

I focus on developing new collaborations here in Manchester as well as across the UK and internationally, and looking at ways to add value to our current commercial and strategic stakeholder relationships.

What do you find interesting about innovation and digital culture?

In an increasingly digitally interconnected and fast paced world, I’m interested in any innovation which has a primary focus of enhancing people’s lives for the better and which puts individual wellbeing and overall sustainability at its core

What are you interested in outside of work?

It’s all about balance. I offset theatre going, meals out with friends and live music and comedy with a long country walk followed by a night on my own, in my girl cave with my pajamas, a good black and white film and well-constructed cheese board. Bliss.