City SDK is a pan-European project that seeks to create a service development kit enabling the creation of applications across partner cities in the domains of Mobility, Tourism and Participation.

FutureEverything is a key partner in the project, building on our work in the Open Data Cities innovation lab which led to the creation of

Coordinator of the project is Forum Virium Helsinki. CitySDK is supported under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community.

About CitySDK

CitySDK compiles a toolkit for the development of digital services for the cities. The toolkit includes open and interoperable digital service interfaces as well as processes, guidelines and usability standards. CitySDK enables a more efficient utilization of the expertise and know-how of developer communities in the city service development.

CitySDK aims at creating open interoperable interfaces between cities. The project focuses on three Pilot domains: participation, mobility and tourism. Within each of the three domains, a large-scale Lead Pilot is carried out in one city. The experiences of the Lead pilot will later be applied in further pilots in other partner cities.

Citizen feedback made easier

Forum Virium Helsinki, together with Helsinki’s Public Works Department and Sanoma media company, introduce a Smart Participation Lead pilot in Helsinki. The Pilot enables citizens to give feedback to the municipality via commonly used virtual platforms – in this case Sanoma’s web portal. The Pilot is closely linked with Helsinki’s new centralized feedback system, which will be introduced in the beginning of 2013. In the Lead Pilot, interfaces are built between the new feedback system and other platforms to enable direct flow of feedback to relevant recipients in the city hall.

Services for mobility and tourism

The Amsterdam pilot aims to create services based on real-time traffic data combined from multiple sources. The services can be used e.g. for finding the best transport options, or to avoid the worst traffic jams.

In Lisbon, the pilot focuses on creating various location-based mobile services for tourists. Such services guide tourists to experience the city in a new way, suggesting interesting attractions, thematic walks, or other nearby services.

The Manchester pilot will involve FutureEverything, Manchester Digital Development Agency and other partners.

CitySDK was launched in January 2012 and will run for 2,5 years. The partnership consists of eight European cities – Helsinki, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Lamia, Lisbon, Manchester and Rome – supported by expert organizations, companies and universities. The project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki and was prepared in cooperation with Culminatum Innovation. CitySDK is partly funded by the European Commission’s CIP-PSP Programme. The overall budget for the project is 6.8 million euros.

SDK (Service Development Kit) refers to the tools that technology companies provide for their developers. The same concept is now introduced to cities to help them better utilize the know-how of developer communities in developing city services. The developer community consists of individuals as well as companies of various sizes.