FutureEverything is working with the UK’s Met Office and some of the world’s leading climate science organisations on a new project EUPORIAS supported by the European Commission.

Access to credible seasonal forecasts, supported by informed guidance from the science community, has potential to improve the resilience of society to climate variability and change. The focus is on ‘seasonal to decadal’ forecasts, ie. not over the next few days, or fifty years, but for a season to several decades. This is significant because this is the timescale of most planning decisions, whether you are planting a new forest, or building a suspension bridge, or have a tourism business at a beach resort.

The project will support the emergence of a new industry of “climate services” based on climate forecast data. These are new services that provide the information needed to predict and prepare for climate change and climatic swings, at a time when weather variation is becoming more extreme, as Hurricane Sandy illustrated with devastating effect.

FutureEverything is the only creative company in the consortium and is working on three areas:

• Data visualisation of massive climate datasets
• Open innovation in climate services
• Artist residencies to communicate uncertainty

Data art and sci-art can help scientists better understand and communicate key dimensions such as uncertainty and confidence in the climate prediction models. Data visualisation can support interpretation and intelligibility in the forecast models for stakeholders and citizens.

EUPORIAS builds on past collaboration between FutureEverything and the UK Met Office through the Environment 2.0 programme which is also the focus of a themed call of Leonardo.

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