FutureEverything Data Arts builds on the Open Data Cities innovation lab by looking at artworks and social innovations which use real time data and illustrate the potential of open, freely available, accessible data. It explores new ways of seeing and how the data dimension can change the ways we live, play and create.

Designers and artists visualise the invisible layer of complex data that surrounds our daily lives, making data come alive. They amplify our ability to understand beyond the range of our senses and nurture new insights into the invisible infrastructures that make up our world.

Some of these works are design prototypes which show us the kinds of applications and experiences we can expect in a world after open data. Other works are reflections on the place we are in now, peering into the future, squinting and straining our eyes as we try to bring into focus objects and realities which don’t exist.

In the coming years, FutureEverything will be commissioning artists and designers to help build an Open Data future. We are commissioning leading artists to create the new ways of seeing we will need in open data environments, to build an open data imaginary, a new conceptual and visual language.

These are some recent Data Art projects FutureEverything has been involved with:

  • Emoto – Visualising Global Emotion: Olympics 2012 Data Visualisation – FutureEverything is developing a major datavisualisation artwork for London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad in the Northwest by Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment and NAND.
  • The Data Dimension: A survey exhibition at FutureEverything 2011 exploring how artists and designers approach the immaterial world of data. Read article on the Data Dimension on Rhizome.org.