FutureEverything presents a three month UK-Russian digital culture exchange programme, in partnership with British Council Russia as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.

FutureEverything Moscow, the first stage of the exchange, took place over four days in venues across Moscow, from 20-23 November 2014. It presented live performances by leading artists and musicians from Russia and the UK, an exhibition of cutting edge ideas spanning art and science, and workshops exploring participatory technologies and creative communities.

This programme showcases new artforms and technologies, and looks at the changing face of today’s globally interconnected digital world. Art and the creative industries have long been connectors, and FutureEverything Moscow seeks to bridge between places and communities at a very important moment in time. The backdrop to the event is FutureEverything’s vision, giving rise to a truly participatory culture and society.

Artists and technologists working in Moscow and Manchester are already global and connected. They are lightning rods for new ways of thinking and doing, and at this moment of global change their voice and viewpoint is more important than ever.

The starting point for this programme is Moscow’s vast and incredible pool of talent in the digital sector. The ambition is to create new and deeper connections between creatives in Russia and the UK, and to contribute to debates about global data policies and creative communities. The approach is to open a conversation, so that learning flows both ways.

The programme launched in Moscow in November 2014. A number of projects were developed over the following months and presented in February 2015 at the FutureEverything Festival, Manchester.