“Their latest project, The Chronarium Sleep Lab, is one of their most intriguing yet…. the potential practical applications are enormous: from airports and emergency services to the military. When it comes to sleeping partners, we’re inclined to get into bed with Loop.pH.” – Wallpaper Magazine Oct 2015
The Chronarium is an installation by Loop.pH, commissioned by FutureEverything. The installation features a public sleep lab offering restorative sleep in smart sleep pods as an antidote to always-on city living. It uses technology to improve one of the most important parts of our daily lives, sleep. As our public and private spaces become more technologically mediated, it’s often hard to switch off when everything is always on. However, sometimes the answer isn’t always leaving technology behind, but finding new ways to make it work better for you.

Upon entering visitors were invited to lie back and rest inside white fabric pods suspended above the ground, and audio and visual stimuli induce a change in brain state and reset the circadian rhythms. As your entire body was suspended in a hammock, a series of colours and pulsing sounds washed over the tent, eventually enveloping it in complete darkness, before a gentle near-daylight woke you feeling refreshed and ready for life outside The Chronarium’s walls. Artists Loop.pH worked closely with sleep scientists to develop a fifteen minute cycle that that trained the brain into a state of deep relaxation, using EEG headsets were used to measure the brain state before and after.

The Chronarium premiered at The Cathay in Singapore during FutureEverything Singapore in October 2015.