A commission from FutureEverything’s FAULT LINES talent development programme, Positively Charged premieres at this year’s Taipei Arts Festival at the Digital Art Centre, 7 August – 3 September 2017. 

Positively Charged is an art installation using smart technologies to create a vision of a future Taipei City, exploring new ways of harvesting and circulating personal energy. Visitors to the installation will be able to play the role of a cell bursting with power, generating and transmitting energy. Without their active participation to ‘power up’ the exhibition they will not be able to fully experience the “Positively Charged” display.

In Future Cities, smart devices and materials are creating invisible layers in the city, enabling people, nature and objects to interact in new ways. New energy harvesting technologies are often based on thermoelectric generators, created from materials conducting with positive particles moving away from the heat towards cold to generate maximum voltage and minimum waste. This has the potential to enable each of us to capture and share energy in the urban environment from anything which emits heat or motion ── from our own bodies to wheels of cars or the heat of the sun. Positively Charged presents a vision of the future in which we share responsibility to be these positive particles to keep the city alive and care for the environment around it.

FutureEverything and artist Kasia Molga have worked with new sensing and energy harvesting technologies, to create poetic and thought-provoking experiences about their social and environmental impact. The installation builds an immersive narrative on a future scenario for Taipei, one of Asia’s leading innovators in urban planning and design, public transportation and smart technology. Positively Charged is inspired by the future of energy harvesting technology, how that interacts with the lives of ordinary people, and how art can contribute new ideas to technology innovation.

Kasia Molga is a Design Fusionist, Artist and Creative Technologist, working on the intersection of art, science and engineering, using imagination as unifying vehicle. She examines our perception of “nature” in the constantly growing and increasingly technologically mediated urban environments to create tangible, multisensory and visual experiences, immersive environments, installations and hybrid visual/physical interfaces, design fictions or speculative futures narratives.

She is a co-founder of design lab Electronudes and art collective WorldWilderLab. She lectures, publishes and presents regularly and holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Design Studies (Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design).


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