“There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them.”

Niels Bohr

19 Feb – 27 March 2016
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Nizhny Novgorod.

To what degree is our reality objective? Do parallel worlds exist, in which all prospective conditions, events and outcomes are realised. Why is there only one direction in which time is progressing?

Following its world premiere at FutureEverything Moscow in 2014, FutureEverything and LABORATORIA Art&Science Space present Quantum Entanglement 2.0. This next step in its journey will be take place at The National Centre For Contemporary Arts, Kremlin, Nizhny Novgorod. Quantum Entanglement 2.0 features a number of co-commissions by artists including ::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov), Memo Akten and Electroboutique.

 FutureEverything Moscow was a three month UK-Russian digital culture exchange programme in partnership with British Council Russia as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014. The second iteration features many of FutureEverything’s commissions and co-commissions with LABORATORIA, exploring how quantum theory goes far beyond our conventional perspective.

Co-commissioned by FutureEverything and Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Metaphase soundmachine (2014) by ::vtol:: is a tribute to the ideas of American quantum physicist Nick Herbert who created in 70s the apparatus “Metaphase Typewriter” and “Metaphone” speech synthesizer. It was one of the first, even though unsuccessful, attempts to implement the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, and one of the first steps on the way to creation of the quantum computer. Metaphase soundmachine is a 5-channel kinetic/cybernetic sound object where the sound is generated based on the feedback from the Geiger counter that registers the radiation of particles in the surrounding environment.

Visual Uncertainty (2014) by Electroboutique, also co-commissioned by FutureEverything and Laboratoria Art&Science Space, is a “magic glass” that allows the viewer to see the invisible, unveiling one more visual “layer” to the reality. Viewer is placed in “visual uncertainty”, where he can be present in two different visual environments simultaneously. At first sight, the projections appear blank, but projection wall is painted with special paint that reveals the colorful picture when it is seen through the “magic” glass.

Equilibrium (2014) by Memo Akten, co-commissioned by FutureEverything is an interactive abstraction, a fragile structure, snapshot of a moment of harmony amongst chaos and disorder. As the viewers move the ‘affectors’ around with his fingers, disturb the balance and watch the system fall into chaos. After a while the system settles and reconfigures itself to find a new balance, form a new structure, a new equilibrium.

LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, founded in 2008, is the first nonprofit exhibition and research centre in Russia focused on constructing platforms of interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art and science. One of the main methods of Laboratoria is the integration of artists in scientific research laboratories and institutes, and vice versa, placement of scientists into the contemporary art environment. http://newlaboratoria.ru

With support of
Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council as a part of the «Swiss Made in Russia» programme

Technical partner:

Russian Quantum Center