In the FutureEverything Singapore Signals of Tomorrow innovation lab, 50 designers, artists, technologists and urbanists collaborated over the festival week at the National Design Centre to create new innovations addressing societal challenges in Singapore that were then showcased at ArtScience Museum.

From 10 to 14 October, participants from the local art, design and tech communities got together in six teams to collaborate in developing imaginative ways to engage the public in envisioning the future of tech in a Smart Nation.

Design methods included narrative scenarios, futures and critical thinking, fieldwork, making and rapid prototyping, with the goal to produce unique, creative perspectives on the developing landscape evolving around new technology. The focus was using design and art to make ideas about the future tangible, and the result of the Innovation Lab was a series of prototype participatory art and design projects, which were showcased at the ArtScience Museum over the weekend.

The team chosen to develop their prototype for presentation at FutureEverything 2016 are; Daniel Hirschmann (Design Lead) Kay Chew Lin, Lim Xiang Hua, Sunny Tham, Charlotte Lee

With the increase in life expectancy and lowering birth rates combined with the decrease of the ‘kampung’ or community spirit, there is a need to address the growing problem of social isolation – particularly in seniors.

Share & Care unlocks the talents and availability within a neighbourhood, in order to strengthen the connections between households and build a strong and vibrant community. For seniors, this not only means that they can get help when they need it, but also that they have a way of offering their skills and talents, thus keeping them engaged.

The community driven project aiming to restore the spirit of ‘kampung’, allows users to swap ‘Care Credits’, giving or receiving them according to what is needed. Eventually, donated or redeemed time will be visualised in the form of a neighbourhood light installation, visibly showing the level of care in a community as a source of pride and encouragement.

The project has now been awarded a £20,000 development fund by FutureEverything. Daniel Hirschmann, the project’s design lead will further refine their prototype with the guidance of FutureEverything, and will be flying to Manchester, U.K. to show the project at FutureEverything festival in March 2016.


Jury Statement

The Jury, Drew Hemment (Founder, FutureEverything), Honor Harger (CEO, ArtScience Museum), and Lena Goh (Communications Head, IDA), said:

“We were hugely impressed with the quality and ambition of Share and Care.”

“Care and Share is a very rich and scalable proposal to use technology to actualise the Caring Economy. It is designed to address the decline in Kampong spirit, or community spirit. From this uniquely Singaporean concept, it proposes a solution with global relevance, and realises it digitally in a credible way. Care and Share helps to address not just the future needs of a Smart Nation but the social impact of how the community can leverage on technology to come together and build an even stronger identity.”

“We were excited by the technical platform which would need to be developed to implement the services described by the team. The Jury felt the real value of the project was in this platform, rather than the physical prototype. The Jury encourages the team to develop a festival experience at FutureEverything that can help to drive deeper engagement and to share the richness of the concept.”

Share & Care is a near future prototype and concept developed at the ‘Signals of Tomorrow’ FutureEverything innovation lab during the FutureEverything Singapore festival, October 2015. Share & Care has been awarded £20,000 development fund by FutureEverything to be realised at the FutureEverything Manchester festival in 2016.