‘The Well’ is a new performance by live visual artist Emmanuel Biard and contemporary electronic musician Koreless, commissioned by FutureEverything. This ambitious new work features Koreless’ compositions re-scored for a five piece male voice choir, alongside a mylar laser mirror and new lighting structures designed by Biard. The piece blurs the lines between performance, light and engineering, with the choir interacting with the electronic structures both visually and musically. ‘The Well’ builds on Biard’s ‘The Hall’, which premiered at the 2014 FutureEverything Festival (‘The Hall’, March 2014).

The work is an investigation into the sensation of scale and distance, and the interactions at play between the sonic quality of the human voice and the complex patterns of electronic pulses and sounds. Specifically, it explores and raises questions on how the analogue and the digital, the organic and the mechanical, are perceived and judged by the human optical and auditory system.

‘The Well’ premiered at FutureEverything Moscow in November 2014, and was performed to a sold-out crowd at the FutureEverything 2015 Opening Gala.

It is set to be performed at Sonar Festival, Barcelona, in June 2015.