Cities are becoming more intelligent with the proliferation of data services and sensor networks, and citizens playing an active role.

FutureEverything provides city data services, delivering datastores, APIs, dashboards, open data advocacy, citizen engagement, SME acceleration and public sector transformation. We support the development of innovative services using data, by businesses, city officials, citizens and designers.

Ours is an ecosystem approach, activating all the agents in the network simultaneously. We are a broker and an intermediary. We believe in the central place of citizens and SMEs, and of decentralised, open urban infrastructures, in the design and development of future cities. We integrate bottom up and top down models, we generate connectivity, and alignment of government, citizens, industry.

We co-design with communities, companies, city officials, and we make ideas tangible through living labs and public experiences.

Our city data projects deliver:

  • Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Insight
  • Harmonisation
  • Sharing
  • Participation

FutureEverything has led the development of a city data ecosystem in Manchester, that has placed Manchester among the leading cities in open data development in Europe. Recent projects include city-wide open data projects DataGM and GMDSP, environmental sensing networks like Smart Citizen, and a speculative future city, City Fictions.

Our design principles for bottom-up future cities:

  • Give citizens a central voice on open data and the smart city.
  • Agency is everywhere, engage all the actors in the ecosystem simultaneously.
  • Intelligently combine bottom-up and top-down.
  • Act global for local impact.
  • New kinds of intermediaries and brokers generate connectivity and absorb risk.
  • A bottom-up, demand-side approach builds sustainability into the system.
  • Be open and encourage nuanced debate to generate transparency with trust.
  • Cities can be laboratories for new ways of living, working, playing, governing.
  • Its more than infrastructure, this is our culture.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you develop city data projects, large or small. For further details and with enquiries, please contact