FutureEverything contributes design thinking, skills and techniques to help science institutions and science-based industries maximise the value in their data and research.

We give access to design specialisms including data visualisation, user experience design, interface design, design thinking, service design, agile development and design evaluation.

We promote a multidisciplinary approach and a knowledge exchange between design and science, to translate knowledge into more effective science, policy, industry and social outcomes.

Our Services

  • Design Collaborations – We work with science teams to explore how advanced design techniques can contribute to science and science communication challenges.
  • Project Design – We work on large science projects helping embed design and design thinking in key project dimensions such as impact, user engagement and the stakeholder pathway.
  • Meetings and Workshops – Our events create a knowledge exchange between science and design, introducing new and emerging ideas, methods, technologies and tools.

Visualising Uncertainty
A requirement for effective ways to communicate uncertainty has arisen out of challenges in making sense of an unprecedented upsurge in the amount and complexity of data in business, science and government. Advanced visualisation techniques can enable the level of confidence in a projection needs to be communicated, among the scientific community, from the scientists to the company, and from company to end users.

User-Centred Visualisation
A user-centred approach to developing interactive visualisation systems focuses on ensuring that the system is useful, usable and likely to be used. It involves gaining a detailed understanding of user requirements, designing the system based on those requirements and evaluating the success of the system – both during and after development.

We promote the ability of artists and art-science experiments to reframe problems and unlock novel enquiry, and to question and communicate systematic challenges in nonstandard ways.

Our Process
Our process typically begins by introducing a science team to techniques and approaches that may be relevant to a particular science challenge, and stimulating thinking around how they might unlock novel solutions. We then work with the scientists to explore how they might engage and work with an external designer, helping them to shape challenges and requirements, create an effective brief, and recruit the best candidate. In some cases we then manage the relationship, and the project, through to delivery and evaluation.

Case Study – Design and Visualisation for Climate Services
We are currently working on a large European project, EUPORIAS, at the forefront of the EC’s ambition to create greater resilience in society by establishing a new sector of climate services. Climate services supply made-to-measure climate projections tailored to the specific requirements of different industries, from tourism to forestry.

FutureEverything has introduced data visualisation, UX design, agile development and design evaluation in the development of 5 prototype climate services based on seasonal to decadal forecasting. We have commissioned the renowned data visualiser, Moritz Stefaner, to create an interactive visualisation for a climate service prototype for the wind industry.

Science and design have much to learn from each other, around the potential of developments in visualisation such as 2D – 3D modelling and printing, animation, sonic, interactive, real-time and embodied gaming environments, combined with machine learning, analytics, qualitative information.

Our events have brought world-leading experts from climate, economic, environmental and life sciences together with informatics, design and data art to exchange and extend knowledge.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you apply design thinking to your science projects. For further details of this service please contact  info@futureeverything.org