Large scale experiences and demonstrations enable emerging ideas and technologies to be made tangible. These interventions stimulate the debate around technology, society, art and design and the effects they have on society. They give us direct experience of the near future, and enable us to test ideas, and engage the public.

At FutureEverything, we curate, design and test prototypes for living labs, exhibitions and showcases. We deploy devices, interfaces and experiences in real world scenarios to see how they might be used, and how people might respond. Through our festival and events we are able to quickly assemble crowds of highly motivated people to participate in city scale experiments.

By using methods such as interaction design, new media art and design fiction, audiences are immersed in prototypes of possible futures, and by deploying provocations and artistic interventions, we help people formulate their own questions and design possible futures.

Recent projects include a pop-up future city, a transport application, a data-driven football experience from the future, an exhibition on data, and ubiquitous electronic life forms that infiltrate city infrastructure.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you experience possible futures. With enquiries or questions, please contact