FutureEverything specialises in the design and delivery of innovation events. We can offer workshops, hackathons, sandpits, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, one-on-one surgeries, and city-wide festivals.

Our innovation events can help your company or organisation generate fresh thinking, work better as a team, keep in touch with the latest trends, explore future scenarios, identify opportunities, devise strategy, learn new skills, challenge habits and assumptions, reconnect with your communities or customers, spot efficiencies and waste, imagine products or services, build early stage prototypes, and try out ideas for size.

Our events are bespoke and designed around your needs. They are informed by participatory design and innovation methods, and are founded on the belief that everybody has valuable insight and expertise that can be shared and stretched.

The FutureEverything Festival, designed as a city-wide ‘Festival as Lab’, engages thousands of people through experiences and debate around a central theme, such as Tools for Unknown Futures, Smart Citizens and Digital Public Space.

We’d love to talk to you about designing events for your organisation. For further details contact info@futureeverything.org