University-industry knowledge sharing workshops

We run workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing between universities and commercial businesses.

Universities are keen to share knowledge and research expertise externally in order to benefit the wider business community but it can be challenging to foster such relationships effectively. Academics and businesses have busy schedules and it can be difficult to find the time to carry out all the necessary meetings to identify a business problem, propose solutions and decide a succinct project to work on together.  

Our workshops allow a business and a small team of academics to rapidly move through the stages of developing an actionable idea for a collaborative research project. After just one afternoon working together through a structured set of activities, the industry-academia team leave the workshop with a solid plan for a project to help solve a real-world problem for the business using multidisciplinary academic expertise.

How do we do this?

We facilitate this by using activities to define the problem, generate a broad range of ideas, identify the most feasible ideas, document the knowledge gaps and prepare a pitch.

The workshops we have run to date have had a competitive element where teams pitch at the end of the afternoon to win funding that is made available by the university.

Costs and funding

The university usually covers the cost of FutureEverything’s workshop facilitation and it is usually free for businesses to attend the workshops.

There is a potential added incentive for businesses to have the chance to win funding (provided by the university) for their project proposal at the end of the day. The university typically asks that the business match any funding they are given, to show their commitment to the project.

Organisation and time frames

To run a knowledge sharing workshop, FutureEverything require at least 6 weeks’ notice.

It is expected the university will take responsibility for

  • inviting academics and businesses to the workshop
  • communicating with academics and businesses in the run up to the workshop
  • allocating academics and businesses to teams, based on their areas of interest
  • booking the event space and ordering any required catering

FutureEverything will take responsibility for:

  • planning the workshop activities
  • providing all workshop materials
  • leading and facilitating the workshop

Working with us

If you are a university or higher education provider and you would like FutureEverything to facilitate a knowledge sharing workshop at your institution, please contact

Read a case study about the workshops we have delivered for the University of Manchester.