Data is being released at an ever increasing volume, velocity and variety. Without meaning and context, these datasets can be daunting and difficult to understand.

Data visualisation is the design of data that is engaging and insightful, and can help communicate complexity. It allows viewers to discover patterns that might otherwise be hard to uncover, and to interrogate the data in a structured way. We provide visualisation services that generate insight, make data tangible and engage audiences and stakeholders. Data visualisation can help your organisation:

  • Obtain new insights by exploring data in alternative visual formats.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your organisational model and assess the risk of actions you might want to undertake.
  • Help you explore relationships, processes and models, predict and better manage your organisation more effectively.
  • Showcase your work to audiences by demonstrating the value and impact contained within your data.

Recent data visualisation and insight projects include:

  • A climate service visualisation for EU Framework 7 project EUPORIAS, to develop an interactive visualisation of wind forecasts for the energy sector, demonstrating the huge potential of data visualisation for the emerging climate services sector.
  • emoto, a landmark data artwork for the Cultural Olympiad that captured the excitement around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. emoto visualised the emotional response to events in real time by analysing over 12.5m tweets, creating a ‘people’s perspective of the Games in the form of an interactive web interface and unique data sculpture. emoto was a Bronze winner at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2013.
  • ArtsAPI, a collaborative R&D project that will develop a new web application for arts organisations designed to show the value and impact generated through their networks using Social Network Analysis, helping the arts sector to create new and refined business models and propositions.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you generate data visualisation and insight. For further details of this service please contact