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Our anti-discrimination agenda

We recognise the need for change within the arts sector and society as a whole to address discrimination directly and promote intersectional equality

As a producer of arts events and as an Arts Council England NPO we are committed to continued self-evaluation and pledge the following actions on what we will do to improve our structure and output as an arts organisation.

This list is a rolling document and room will be made to develop areas we have not yet identified. We will: 

  • Commit to yearly unconscious bias training and/or specific equalities training to ensure that all members of the team both contracted and freelance are improving. We will cover the cost of all training and will ensure that all training is delivered by artists and facilitators from diverse backgrounds.
  • Commit to work with an understanding of the complexities of intersectionality and pledges to adapt to suit an audience, employee or artist and not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to working.
  • Develop the diversity of our company governance, policies and publish the developments in the interest of transparency
  • Install a new staff induction process so that all new staff members (and current ones) are made aware of FutureEverything’s anti-discrimination policy
  • Directly support artists emerging and mid-career in the making of artwork that is reflective of their diverse voice
  • Ensure that we are not using the acronym “BAME” in any of our messaging/documents/conversations. Further, that we challenge and don’t accept its usage by any of our partners/stakeholders. We will commit to using appropriate language and will stay responsive to the wider evolving dialogue on the matter. “The acronym continues to reduce the identities of victims of white supremacy to a single, three to four-letter abbreviation whilst remaining divorced from the long history of racial subjugation.” Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark quoted in The Lancet
  • Work with our network of partners to create an anti-discrimination values statement and process that we share with all external partners (venues, co-producers etc) before entering into commitments with them.

We commit to doing this work, regularly reviewing our progress and holding ourselves accountable for implementing all the above and the future pledges we make.  This statement of intent is informed by FutureEverything’s equal opportunities policy which is available upon request.