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Future Focus: Money and Environment II

Wed 3rd - Wed 3rd March 2021, March 2021

The second session in a series of creative exchanges and conversations exploring the complex relationships between finance and the environment

The third season of our online programme, Future Focus, brings together scholars, artists, economists and other professionals in a creative exchange, conversations and networking around topics related to Money and Environment. The aim of the series is to develop a long-term socio-economic research programme exploring how finance impacts on the environment and how finance could be reimagined to contribute to the environmental and social agenda.

From examining the complex and sometimes unknown ways in which money and environment might be related throughout history, to opening up discussions around issues surrounding tax havens and offshore economies, labour, opaque markets and climate change, we are investigating ideas and questions including whether money and finance can be green or regulated for environmental change, what strategies we can create for ecological good and what knowledge systems we might need and from/with whom.


The second session in the series will include provocations, sharings and discussion exploring economy, environment and ethics. From questioning ideas about the possibility or impossibility of a “green” economy and whether money can be ethical or socially responsible to investigating the decision making systems that manage finance and knowledge in the context of ecological issues, the session will present work by researchers, artists and economists responding to ideas of green economy, while also exploring the role of art, activism and alternative narratives.

Speakers include:

Prof. Bobby Banerjee, The Business School, City University of London

Hannah Stewart, Dark Matter Labs

Sam Lavigne, artist, Assistant Professor, Department of Design, UT Austin

Marloes Nicholls, Head of Programmes, The Finance Innovation Lab

Introduced and facilitated by Ismail Ertürk and Irini Papadimitriou


Watch: Future Focus - Money and Environment II

Future Focus is FutureEverything’s new online space of critical conversations, talks and debates, as well as cross-sector exchange, networking and collaboration.

From panels, performative talks and workshops to roundtable conversations, industry meetings, mentoring and artists’ advice, Future Focus will develop around curated themes and flexible, experimental formats inviting our creative community, partners, collaborators, colleagues, friends and anyone else to join us, connect, share work and explore future collaborations.

The Covid-19 pandemic – apart from devastating communities and putting everything on hold – has highlighted the fragility of our society, environment and living beings, and the urgent need for changing our actions. The aim of this new space is to explore ideas for a kinder, more considerate future world, to offer inspiration, support and feedback, but also enable exciting new links, creative cross-pollination and critical discourse at challenging times.