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Guided tour: The technology behind Atmospheric Memory

Tue 2nd July, 2-5pm

A unique opportunity to join artist, scientist and polymath Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and his team in a masterclass exploring the technologies behind Atmospheric Memory.

1830 Warehouse – Atmospheric Memory Chamber
Science and Industry Museum
Liverpool Road
Manchester, M3 4FP

Future Sessions: Atmospheric Memory
Guided tour: The technology behind Atmospheric Memory


Inspired by computing pioneer Charles Babbage, Atmospheric Memory immerses visitors in an ever-changing audio-visual environment, bringing together a combination of historic phantasmagoria effects and emerging technologies. In this guided tour with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and developers from Antimodular Research we’ll be covering:

  • ‘Atmosphonia’, an environment with 3000 sound channels, each playing on its own speaker
  • 360-degree projection mapping using live, pre-recorded and generative content
  • Nanotech engraving to print ‘Babbage Nanopamphlets’
  • Laser tomography and photogrammetry to make the world’s first 3D printed speech bubble
  • Laryngoscopy and circular LED displays to make ‘Vocal Barrels’
  • 3D calculations with robotic lights to make ‘Flag Beacon’
  • Ultrasonic atomizers to create ‘Cloud Display’
  • Shadow plays
  • Navier-Stokes and other fluid dynamic equations for ‘Airborne’ and ‘Text Streams’
  • Contemporary approaches for face detection and classification
  • Pneumatic control of articulated matrices
  • Integrated circuits, microcontrollers, actuators, circuit boards, etc.

The event includes a two-hour tour of all the pieces in the show, with practical and technical discussions on topics such as fabrication, programming and logistics, followed by a one-hour session to discuss approaches for making art using electronic media.

Please note: this event is by invitation only.

Future Sessions: Atmospheric Memory is curated and produced by FutureEverything, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

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