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Future Sessions: Trust in Invisible Agents (Manchester)

Wed 21st - Thu 22nd March 2018

A programme of art, talks and workshops exposing the unseen currents of the Internet of Things

Venue: Whitworth and Bright Building, Manchester
Presented by: FutureEverything
Supported by: MSP and Manchester City Council

FUTURE SESSIONS: Trust in Invisible Agents (Manchester) was a rich and diverse programme of ideas, art, talks and workshops exposing the unseen currents of the Internet of Things.

For the first edition of our newly formed festival-as-lab model, Future Sessions: Trust In Invisible Agents launched with an evening of audio-visual performances at the Whitworth’s Grand Hall venue, curated by Manchester’s Testbed. As part of the event, we also launched CityVerve’s new art project for the public realm, SUPERGESTURES by Fault Lines artist, Ling Tan.

Curated by Jose Luis Vincente, Future Sessions: Trust in Invisible Agents took place at Manchester Science Park’s Bright Building and investigated themes of visibility, transparency, responsibility and trust, through a series of presentations by international speakers, artistic interventions, workshops, in-conversations and walking tours. Audiences were encouraged to participate in discussion and activity, and challenge current thinking and possible futures for the Internet of Things (IoT).

FutureEverything advocates for an artist-led approach to facilitating delivery on our themes and values, and Future Sessions provided a perfect opportunity to employ the Fault Lines artists to lead on the development and delivery of both workshops and in-conversations.

We also champion participation from  a mix of artists, industry and academics, as well as local, regional and international attendees. This ensures a diverse and rich ecology of discussions and contributions are created within our events.

Future Sessions participants included:

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino // Arthur van der Wees // Ben Cerveny // Usman Haque // Natalie Kane // Peter Evans // Matthew Edgson // Helen Knowles // Ismail Ertürk // Alison Powell // Drew Hemment // Mara Balestrini // Lucas Gutierrez   // Seth Scott and Guillaume Dujat // Anne Beswick // Joe Beedles // Sean Clarke // Tobias Revell // John Davies

“As ever Future Everything provided a fascinating and thought provoking set of talks and interventions which were all well delivered, engaging and cleverly curated to give us a glimpse into the curious, beautiful and sometimes frightening world of the internet of things and the control and manipulation of data on global and personal levels. Future Sessions as an event model provided a unique balance of creativity, critical discourse, cross-sector engagement and even the opportunity to engage with artistic performances.”

— David Gaffney, Senior Relationship Manager, Arts Council England


375 people attended the event
53 different cities from which delegates travelled
4.3/5 scored for overall quality of the event

For further information and programme visit