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Innovate Manchester – Our Digital Futures: Data & Ethics

Wed 23rd September, 09:30 - 11:00 BST

The second event for the Innovate Manchester programme themed "Our Digital Futures: Data & Ethics"

Innovate Manchester is an ambitious new events programme for Greater Manchester set up to enable cross-sector collaborations.

While we have been fast to embed emerging technologies (AI, IoT, personal smart devices) across many sectors in our society, one of the biggest challenges we face is the fact that these systems continuously monitor our behaviour tracking vast amounts of personal data – from health activity, travel and food to culture consumption and shopping habits to name just a few.

At the same time, while automated systems are being adopted more widely, decision-making processes are left to technologies increasing the risk of triggering not only new levels of surveillance but also unfair profiling and discrimination. The need for transparent, equitable and accountable systems, as well as privacy standards and ethics frameworks, is bigger than ever before.

We need to openly discuss and question who has the power to access or control these, who benefits, and whose lives are implicated. Who is responsible to “draw a line” and how can we respond to the societal and ethical implications of data and emerging technologies?

For this webinar series we welcomed Prof Andy Miah – Chair in Science, Communication & Future Media, at the University of Salford, Emer Coleman – Project Director at Up Ventures and Michael Chapman – Programme Manager at Allscripts to discuss the themes in more detail

Our ambition is for organisations in the Greater Manchester region to take a lead in developing and adopting processes and frameworks that support the responsible deployment and use of such systems and technologies. It’s a collective cultural shift that needs contribution and expertise from all including private, public and third sector as well as academia in rethinking decision-making and product/service design processes, encouraging the adoption of transparent, trustworthy and diverse systems.

To achieve this we have designed a webinar focussing on data ethics, cybersecurity, privacy and governance with the purpose to inform and inspire change across all sectors as we hear from leading experts in these topics. Following the webinar, a workshop will take place inviting Greater Manchester SMEs to work with large organisations during our expert facilitated workshop to shape ideas into feasible solutions.

If you are a large organisation, public body or non-profit we want to hear from you; come forward and bring the biggest challenge you have related to the theme. We are here to support you identify and shape solutions.

Innovate Manchester is an ambitious new events programme for Greater Manchester. The events are designed to bring together large organisations, SMEs, the public sector and academia to collaborate on new innovative ideas.

Through expert facilitation webinars and virtual Innovation labs, participants are invited to co-create innovative solutions towards a more sustainable future for all, responding to themes ranging from sustainability and industry 4.0 to data ethics and Human-Centric design.

Businesses looking to access specialist support can visit for more information about the organisation’s extensive range of services.

Innovate Manchester and other GC Business Growth Hub projects are part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the GM Business Growth Hub project designed to help ambitious SME businesses achieve growth and increase employment in Greater Manchester. The Hub is also supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Greater Manchester local authorities.

Innovate Manchester is initiated in partnership with MIDAS and curated by FutureEverything