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From Earth – Patchlab Digital Art festival collaboration

Sat 8th - Sun 9th October 2022, 15:00 GMT

Join our online panels to hear about alternative visions of a world facing environmental crisis, as imagined by international artists, designers, visionaries and experts

What is the role of art, design and technology in the context of environmental awareness, climate crisis and our relationship with nature? Can art, design and technology help us engage with ecosystems in different ways and/or cultivate new relationships with nature, the planet and non-humans species? 

Patchlab, in partnership with FutureEverything, presents From Earth: New Possibilities, Collective Transformations, a series of online conversations sharing creative and innovative practices responding to environmental futures and reframing our relationships with ecosystems and the planet.  In this programme, leading artists, designers, scholars and researchers share work and methodologies that challenge and move beyond existing power structures, and fixed ways of thinking; from extraction and exploitation to new possibilities, kinships and visions for the future.

Curated by Irini Mirena Papadimitriou, Creative Director, FutureEverything.

_(Un)Sustainable Perspectives, Patchlab 2022

What does a sustainable world look like? Is sustainability even possible if our capitalist society relies on fast and endless production, supply chains and extractivism? Can we build things differently or produce less?

In this conversation, we explore possibilities – and impossibilities – of reframing planetary relationships and shifting our focus to interconnected ecosystems and economies. We are also reflecting on the role of art, design and technology in how these might be shaping our environmental understanding and where we go next.

Speakers: Theorist and strategist of hybrid environments, Jay Springett; Artist and researcher exploring the interfaces of art, technology and eco-crisis, Nick Laessing; and Coordinator of the Nature Research department and runner of the Future Materials Lab, Giulia Bellinetti.

_Crossing Territories, Patchlab 2022

Crossing Territories

Through their practices, artists have been recording and reflecting on changing landscapes, weather patterns and the human impact on the environment for a long time. These reflections on changing nature and ecologies have shaped and continue to shape our understanding of the environment and our relationship to it. But what can art do at times of environmental crises and what are the practices, theories and meanings behind ideas of symbiosis, and thinking as ecosystems?

In this conversation we explore what listening to, learning from and working with the earth might mean, and how artistic practices could share new understandings of these entanglements.

Speakers: Artist and researcher exploring the biological, chemical, geo-political and cultural realities, Robertina Sebjanic, Danish artist creating works based on cooperation with field biologists, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, and multidisciplinary live art and installation artist Maya Chowdhry